Work Packages

WP numberWP nameAim of Work PackagePartners involvedWP-LeaderPicture
WP1Data Mining and Knowledge DiscoveryJuan-Carlos Molinero, GEOMARJuan_Carlos_Molinero ocean-certain eu-project fp7
WP2Quantification of Impacts and FeedbacksRobert Thorpe, CEFASRobert_Thorpe ocean-certain
WP3Socio-Economic AnalysesNTNU, TALCA, Griffith, DEU-IMSTJennifer Bailey, NTNUJennifer Bailey
WP4Assessment, Iteration, Consilience &
All partners Tanya Tsagaraki, Univeristy of BergenTanya
WP5Decision Support System (DSS)Jean-Luc De Kok, VITOjean-luc-de-kok ocean-certain vito
WP6Dissemination & Knowledge TransferAll partnersCan Kemal Bizsel, DEU-IMSTkemal can bizsel deu_imst ocean-certain
WP7Project ManagementYngvar Olsen, NTNUyngvar olsen ocean-certain fp7 project coordinator eu