The OceanCertain Decision-Support System (OC-DSS)

by Jean-Luc De Kok on December 12, 2017

Businessman pressing an Policy concept button.Together, the combination of a meta-model for the Ocean Food Web, a system dynamics model for the social-economic system and a custom-designed graphical user interface based on ExtendSim® make the OC-DSS a powerful and generic tool for the evaluation and demonstration of policy alternatives under different climate and social-economic conditions. The OC-DSS is mainly intended for policymakers rather than the marine industry. Four types of use are envisaged for the instrument:

• demonstration of the impacts of climate change and human-induced stressors such as ocean acidification and overfishing on of key environmental and social-economic indicators
• evaluation, comparison and ranking of policy alternatives to mitigate these changes
• support exchanges and discussions between natural and social scientists who collaborate in the domain of climate change, the coastal environment, and coastal economy
• applications with similar objectives, but for new case studies, not included in OCEAN-CERTAIN or in different problem contexts (generic use)


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