One of OCEAN-CERTAIN’s contributions is the close integration of the natural, social and computer sciences. The “consilience” of knowledge among the various disciplines within these three broad categories is a primary objective of the project. The adoption of the socio-ecological systems approach, the incorporation of human feedback into ecosystem modeling and the prediction of stakeholder response to specific scenarios underscore this feature of OCEAN-CERTAIN.

Ocean Certains strives to enable and broaden the perception of the emerging problems from climatic and non-climatic stressors on our oceans to maximum possible extent via the most diverse nterdisciplinary collaboration that includes not only scientific disciplines but also different socio-economic sectors comprising both GOs and NGOs. The benefit of a multi-disciplinary and multi-sectorial approach and of working with multiple systems (climate-, eco-, and human) simultaneously is that it reduces the limitations of each system, and provides critical interaction and co-optations of disciplines and sectors.shutterstock_85847626

There is a Consilience element to Ocean-Certain that requires the experts in different disciplines and sectors (including invited experts outside of the consortium) to work together consistently within a framework of pre-defined tasks, in a planned, continuous and systematic way. This approach cuts across disciplinary language barriers and links principles and knowledge across disciplines/sectors on defined tasks at a work package level.

In fact, part of the selection process in deciding which partners to invite to join the Ocean-Certain consortium consisted of evaluating the given institutions ability to carry out international and interdisciplinary collaboratative projects.

In order to facilitate this, the project has its own work package which only responsibility is to facilitate this cross-fertilization of ideas – WP4 – which aims to support the exchanges of knowledge and information between the different WPs by seeking interactions that carry the project outcomes beyond the limits of each individual WPs, and serving as a platform for the cross-domain integration and synthesizing of the knowledge. Read more about WP4 in Work Package Information.