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Journal nameArticle nameLink
Journal of marine systemsModeling the biogeochemical seasonal cycle in the Strait of GibraltarLink to article
Progress in OceanographyOceanographic Processes in Chilean Fjords of Patagonia: From small to large-scale studiesLink to article
E&C 2009.qxpCarbon Flows Through the Pelagic Sub-food Web in Two Basins of the Chilean Patagonian Coastal Ecosystem: the Significance of Coastal–Ocean Connection on Ecosystem ParametersLink to article
mee vi coverEvaluation and management implications of uncertainty in a multispecies size-structured model of population and community responses to fishingLink to article
Estuarine coastal and shelf scienceSpatial patterns of macrophyte composition and landscape along the rocky shores of the Mediterranean–Atlantic transition region (northern Alboran Sea)Link to article
Marine Pollution BulletingMicroplankton dynamics under heavy anthropogenic pressure. The case of the Bahía Blanca Estuary, southwestern Atlantic OceanLink to article
Ecological InformaticsSpatio-temporal Bayesian network models with latent variables for revealing trophic dynamics and functional networks in fisheries ecologyLink to article
Marine PolicyMaking modelling count - increasing the contribution of shelf-seas community and ecosystem models to policy development and managementLink to article
LimenologyContrasting response to nutrient manipulation in Arctic mesocosms are reproduced by a minimum microbial food web modelLink to article
Marine GenomicsDiversity of rare and abundant bacteria in surface waters of the Southern Adriatic SeaLink to article
Marine geologyDense water flow and carbonate system in the southern Adriatic: A focus on the 2012 eventLink to article
Marine geologyDense-water bottom currents in the Southern Adriatic Sea in spring 2012Link to article
Marine geologyDynamics of particles along the western margin of the Southern Adriatic: Processes involved in transferring particulate matter to the deep basinLink to article
Ecological ModelingCommunicating complex ecological models to non-scientist end usersLink to article
Spatio-temporal Bayesian network models with latent variables for revealing trophic dynamics and functional networks in fisheries ecology Link to article
Spatial variability and response to anthropogenic pressures of assemblages dominated by a habitat forming seaweed sensitive to pollution (northern coast of Alboran Sea) 'Link to article
The Effect of Essential Fatty Acids for the Somatic Growth in Nauplii of Calanus finmarchicus Open access article
Time-varying environmental control of phytoplankton in a changing estuarine system Link to article
The Mediterranean Sea heat and mass budgets: Estimates, uncertainties and perspectives Link to article
Rapid response to climate change in a marginal sea Link to article
The heterogeneous nature of Fe delivery from melting icebergs Link to Open Access article
Accountability as a Governance Paradox in the Norwegian Salmon Aquaculture Industry Open access article
Stakeholder Perceptions of Links between Environmental Changes to their Socio-Ecological System and their Adaptive Capacity in the Region of Troms, Norway Open access article
Environmental controls on modern scleractinian coral and reef-scale calcification Link to article
A Comparison between Four Analytical Methods for the Measurement of Fe(II) at Nanomolar Concentrations in Coastal Seawater Link to Open Access article
Exploring the distance between nitrogen and phosphorus limitation in mesotrophic surface waters using a sensitive bioassay Link to article
Hydrogen peroxide in deep waters from the Mediterranean Sea, South Atlantic and South Pacific Oceans Link to article