Public Deliverables

 Deliverable numberDeliverable titleResponsible partner
D3.22.7Report on design and schedules of experiments and field studiesGEOMAR
D2.82.8Report on the results of the Patagonian ExperimentUAdCh
D3.23.2General model of socio-economic vulnerabilityTALCA
D3.33.3National vulnerability surveys of Chile, Turkey and NorwayNTNU
D6.73.5Report on Local Stakeholder Perceptions in ChileTALCA
D3.63.6Report on Local Stakeholder Perceptions in NorwayNTNU
D3.73.7Cognitive maps and BBNs for managers in each localityGRIFFITH
D3.93.9Report on Climate Skepticism in EU, Norway, Chile, Turkey and localitiesNTNU
D4.14.1Reports of Annual Workshops for Knowledge and Information ExchangeUiB
D4.24.2Report of Meeting to receive advice and info from Key Stakeholders (KS) and KDTGNTNU
D4.34.3Report of Meeting with other projectsNTNU
D4.44.4Report of Meeting on interaction with Target Audience (Key Stakeholders and KDTG)NTNU
D4.54.5An Integrative Summary Report of D.4.1-D.4.4NTNU
D4.64.6Report on Setting up a Key Stakeholder profileNTNU
D4.74.7Report of Status of modelsCEFAS
D4.84.8Report of Coordination of experimental workGEOMAR
D4.94.9Report of Linking natural sciences to socio-economy and the DSSVITO
D5.15.1DSS - Qualitative Design (R)  problem analysis, concept networks and FCMs to support model constructionVITO
D5.25.2Model Inventory (R)  Knowledge base for FW-BP couplingVITO
D6.26.2Website homepage with restricted area for project administrationNTNU
D6.46.4Report on the Stakeholder mapping and databaseNTNU
D6.56.5OCEAN-CERTAIN Pamphlets, Brochures, E-New LettersDEU-IMST
D6.66.6Annual Dissemination Status ReportsDEU-IMST
D6.76.7Reports on Workshops and MeetingsDEU-IMST