Bachelor thesis at the University of Bremen based on MesoMed experiments

by Operational Manager on January 2, 2017

university-of-bremenChristine Rundt did the experimental work for her bachelor thesis during the Mesomed experiments in Heraklion, Crete, in May-June 2016.

Christine defended her Bachelor Thesis on the 26th of October. The title of her thesis was “Organic Carbon Enrichment of Mediterranean Waters: Effects on the Pelagic Microbial Food Web with Emphasis on Microzooplankton Grazing”.

The german title is: Organische Kohlenstoffanreicherung im Mittelmeer: Auswirkungen auf das pelagische mikrobielle Nahrungsnetz unter besonderer Berucksichtigung des Fressverhaltens von Mikrozooplankton

Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Hagen and Anya White. Advisor from Ocean Certain: Dr. Øystein Leiknes.


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