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Project management

The project team consists of the leadership group, support staff at NTNU (financial and operational), as well as all WP leaders and one representative of each partner if it does not have WP leadership. With exception of the support staff, this group also consitutes the Executive Board of the project, which meets regularly.

The OCEAN-CERTAIN project coordinator (PC) is Prof. Yngvar Olsen (NTNU) from the Department of Biology at NTNU, Norway. Prof Olsen is primarily responsible for ensuring that all project works are operating smoothly. He also leads and delegates responsibility for tracking and keeping things flowing smoothly during the project lifetime and works directly with the Operational and Scientific Managers.

The Operational Manager (OM) is Dr Rachel Gjelsvik Tiller, from the Department of Sociology and Political Science and also SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture. She is responsible for general operational tasks of the project, and ensures that the schedule is followed and tracks the status of all tasks to assure the project deliverables will be ready on time.

The Scientific Manager (SM) is Assoc. Prof. Murat V. Ardelan from the Department of Chemistry at NTNU. He assists the PC in ensuring the completion of all the scientific tasks necessary to keep a project on track. His job consists of checking for scientific problems, monitoring changes in the project, and reporting scientific problems to the PC.

The following table presents the team at NTNU. For information about main contact informatoin for the other partners, please see Who is involved and Work package information.

PictureName InstitutionRole in projectContact email
yngvar olsen ocean-certain fp7 project coordinator euYngvar OlsenNTNU, Department of BiologyProject Coordinatoryngvar.olsen [at] ntnu.no
Rachel TillerRachel TillerNTNU, Department of Political Science; SINTEF Fisheries and AquacultureOperational Managerrachel.tiller [at] sintef.no
murat van ardelan ntnu ocean-certain scientific coordinatorMurat Van ArdelanNTNU, Department of ChemistryScientific Managermurat.v.ardelan [at] ntnu.no
JorgenFallmyr jørgen_fallmyr jorgen_fallmyr oceancertain ocean_certainJørgen FallmyrNTNU, Accounting ServicesFinancial Officer, EU projectsjorgen.fallmyr [at] ntnu.no
Per-Inge-Andresen ntnu financial officer ocean-certainPer Inge AndresenNTNU, Accounting services Senior Advisorper.andresen [at] ntnu.no
bjørn-steinar-tanem eu fp7 ntnu ocean-certainBjørn Steinar TanemNTNU, NT faculty administration EU Advisorbjorn.s.tanem [at] ntnu.no
johanne-arff ntnu ocean-certainJohanne ArffNTNU, NT faculty administration Advisorjohanne.arff [at] ntnu.no